Received December 08, 1993,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 6,1994,Pages 261-267

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The emission factors of nitrous oxide have been determined during the combustion of rice straws, maize stalks and wheat stalks in an enclosed combustion system. They equal to 84.4 ± 6.08g/t for rice straws,132± 8.63g/t for maize stalks,and 27.3 ±1.79g/tfor wheat stalks,respectively. The uncertainties in the determination of nitrous oxide have been discussed. The N2O-N(nitrogen in nitrous oxide emission)accounts for 0. 59% and 0. 87% of the total nitrogen in rice straws and maize stalks,respectively. An 10 ×10 grid map on the distribution of N2O emission from biomass burning in China mainland was shown.

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