Received April 21, 1993,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 6,1994,Pages 296-309

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The paper presents a computer code system "SRDAAR- QNPP" for the real-time dose as-sessment of an accident release for Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant. It includes three parts:thereal-time data acquisition system, assessment computer. and the assessment operating code system. InSRDAAR-QNPP, the wind field of the surface and the lower levels are determined hourly by using amass consistent three-dimension diasnosis model with the topographic following coordinate system.A Lagrangin Puff model under changing meteorological condition is adopted for atmosphericdispersion, the correction for dry and wet depositions. physical decay and partial plume penetrationof the top inversion and the deviation of plume axis caused by complex terrain have been taken in-to account. The calculation domain areas include three square grid areas with the sideline 10 km, 40krn and 160 km and a grid interval 0.5 km, 2.0 km, 8.0 km respectively. Three exposure pathwaysare taken into account:the external exposure from immersion cloud and passing puff, the internalexposure from inhalation and the external exposure from contaminated ground. This system is ableto provide the results of concentration and dose distributions within 10 minutes after the data havebeen inputed.

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