Received February 26, 1993,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 6,1994,Pages 330-336

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Cd and As both have harmful effects on the growth,development and seed germination of alfalfa, especially in such a condition as the coexistence of Cd and As in soil environment The research using the pot-culture imitative method first found that if soil was simultaneously polluted by Cd and As,function of alfalfa absorbing Cd from soil may be promoted because of the existence of As,in conversely,Cd may inhibit alfalfa plant from absorbing As It was also found that secon- dary ecological effects were most likely to be brought out due to the coexistence of Cd and As. For example,alfalfa is passive to excessively absorb Cu and Pb .The harmful effects undoubtedly intensi- fy the contamination of alfalfa, The results showed that the mechanism of the interaction among Cd,As,Pb and Cu in soil-alfalfa ecosystems is very complicated.

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