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Received May 10, 1993,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 6,1994,Pages 347-354

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The soil physical properties,its water characteristics and the benefits to soil and water conservation in mountain poplar stand were determined and studied. The results of the study show that the compaction in soil profile is relatively homogeneous.the specific gravity and volume weight of soil increase with deepening of soil horizon. The water infiltration rate of soil in the stand is 17,6 times as high as in rangeland.Owing to the intense absorption of water by root system of plants,a drying layer is formed in soil horizon from 2.3 m to 2.7m,showing that the subsoil moisture is in the state of deficit. The annual water storage capacity in 2 m of soil horizon is 360 mm 370mm,or 63% 65% of annual precipitation. Compared with farmland,mountain poplar stand reduces the surface runoff and soil loss by 70% and 99%,respectively,indicating the great benefits to soil and water conservation.

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