Received June 28, 1993,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 7,1995,Pages 74-84

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It is widely promoted that tropical forest is irreversible if it is destroyed。However,a broad-leaf mixed forest was artificially established on the barren land degraded from cutting tropical forest in Xiaoliang,China. The results of the studies in 30 years showed:(1)The tropical forest can be rehabiIitated artificially after disturbance;(2) The stability of the ecosystem was led by the diversity of the organisms,and the diversity of plants was the basis of the stability of the man-made forest ecosystem;(3)The change of the forest structure led to the alternation of the function of the ecosystem. The goor function occurred in the goor structure;(4)The essential reason for the lowering of ground water in eucalypt forest was the removal of undergrowth and litter. Therefore,in order to elevate the hydrological effect of the forest, the litter in the forest must be protected.

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