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Received April 05, 1993,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 7,1995,Pages 85-91

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Mercuric reductase is detected in Cephalosporium tabacinum F2.The enzyme, which is an intracellular one,catalyzes the reduction of mercuric ions to elemental mercury,which requires NADH as an electron donor and added sulfhydryl compound.The optimum temperature and pH of the enzymatic reaction are 30℃ and 7.0- 8. 0,respectively.The enzyme activity is stable in the range of 25- 30℃ for 40min,and stable at pH 7. 0 for 2 hours. Metal ions such as Ag+ ,CO2+), Cu2+,Zh2+, Mn2+,Ni2+ show different degrees of inhibitory effect on the enzyme activity,other compounds such as phenylmercury acetate and potassium ferricyanide also partially inhibit the enzyme activity.

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