Received May 11, 1993,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 7,1995,Pages 101-106

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A study on hydraulic and carbonizirig aclohs of stilfuric acid to straw pulp and paper black liquor is presented in this paper.The results show that when black liquor is heated and pressurized (130—165℃,0.2—0. 6mPa),suifuric acid has acid separating,dewatering and carbonizing acticos to lignin, as well as hydrolytic and dewatering actions to pontosan in black liquor with pH in the range of 1.5—4.After black liquor is hydrolyed and carbonized with sulfuric acid,the recovery rate of lignin is over 99%,while the rate of transforming theoretically contained pentosan to furfural is higher than 62%,By hydrolyzing and carbonizing black liquor with sulfuric acid,a new technology for multi-purpose utilization of black liquor is exported to be developed

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