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Received January 25, 1994,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 7,1995,Pages 121-125

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The adsorption of Metolachlor[2- chioro-N-(2- ethyl-6-methylphenyl)- N-(2-inethoxy-1- methylenthyl)acetamide] on different soils of various physical and chemical properties was studied. Adsorption isotherms were conformed to the Freundlich equation,The Kf values increased in the order of increasing organic carbon content of the soils,The adsorption was found to be correlated to organic matter content better than to other soil properties, and decreased weakly with increasing pH. However,variations in Koc values of about four orders of magnitude have been observed within three natural soils,Instead,for a given soil,the Koc values temained essentially unchanged after fowering the carhan content by H2O2 oxidation.

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