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Received February 25, 1994,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 7,1995,Pages 407-413

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On the basis of the purification of metallothionein (MT) from fish, the purified polyclonal antibody of rabbit against fish MT was prepared. Antibody was labeled with horseradish peroxide (HRP) and then the enzyme linked immunosorbent (ELLSA) for MT in fish tissues was established, the minimal, detection level being 0.1—1.0 ng/g FW. Induction of fish tolerance against heavy metals indicated that the contents of MT, SH-group and Cd increase with the accumulation doses of Cd in the water. The investigations from 7 species of fresh-water fish showed that Cd and MT amounts in their liver and kidney are very low and, particularly, the muscle is lowest, approximately to be zero. So, it is considered that the degree of the heavy metal pollution in water body in which fish live light and fish is permission to consume.

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