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Received April 18, 1994,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 7,1995,Pages 461-467

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The attenuation of electrical field intensity , E , from an electromagnetic source , with the reciprocalof distance, 1/r, was studied using a theoretical calculation method and field simulation measurements. For a10 kW medium wave length transmitter , the electrical field E near the ground (2m above the ground) is lessthan 25 V/m for r>75m from the transmitter , which is lower than the ″Second Class Standard″ of the StateStandard, GB 9175-88. For r>150m, the electrical field E near the ground is less than 10 V/m, which islower than the ″First Class Standard″ . However, at places such as the platform on top of the buildings within200m from the transmitter, the field intensity is so strong that it exceeds the state standard value and that in-jures to human bodies can be caused by metal structures poorly earthed due to induced charge and secondaryradiation.

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