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Received May 09, 1996,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 9,1997,Pages 95-99

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In this paper pulsed corona discharge is shown to be effective for the decomposition of CF3Cl(Freon-13).The pressure of CF3Cl was 2.67×103Pa,after discharged for 2 min,39.5% of CF3Cl was decomposed.The products were mainly CF4,Cl2 and CF2Cl2.The yield increased by adding O2 or air.Under the same conditions,more than 94% decomposition yield was obtained if 5.32×103Pa O2 or air was added.The composition of products became CF2O,Cl2 and CF4.While the partial pressure of O2 or air reached 1 arm,the decomposition yield decreased to 54.5% and 48. 5% respectively.

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