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Received August 04, 1995,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 9,1997,Pages 113-119

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Seven types of microcystins,isolated from Microcystis waterbloom in Lake Dalai, were characterized.The major toxins:MCYST-LR,MCYST-RR,[D-Asp3]MCYST-LR and [Dha7]MCYST-LR were identified by high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC),as compared with the authentic microcystins.The minor toxins:MCYST FR,[L-Mser7]MCYST-LR and an unknown MCYST which was most likely to be MCYST-(H4)YR were identified with fritfast atom bombardment liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry(Frit-FAB LC/MS)and amino acid analysis.The toxigenic diversity in blue-green algae(cyanobacteria)was discussed.

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