Received September 20, 1996,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 9,1997,Pages 257-264

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The oxidation ditch system in Handan WWTP is the biggest triple oxidation ditch system (T O.D.) treating municipal wastewater in China with a service population of 350000. The system can perform three functions, aerobic, anoxic and precipitation process in different ditch by alternating the operation mode, and the simultaneous removal of nitrogen and organic substances can be attained. Statistic analysis of data from past five year operation in the WWTP was presented, and investigations on COD, nitrogen, phosphorus removal in system were carried out in the field. The optimum number of aerated brush to meet satisfied nitrification and denitrification was determined on basis of field experiment. The effluent is reused as cooling water for a electricity power plant, and excess sludge is utilized as fertilizer. The concept of an ecological WWTP is put forward by the example of Handan WWTP.

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