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Volume 11,1999,Pages 298-302

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In the process of accelerating industrialization, urbanization is inevitable and important to Chinas modernization drive. While people are cherishing the advantages of living in cities, the increasing negative impact of urbanization has to be put on the top of priority list. As urbanization proceeds, the existing pollution problem aggravates with not only increasing quantity of pollutants, but diversity as well. Science and technology have been contributing to urbanization process in both positive and negative ways. Nonetheless, the role of science and technology in promoting sustainable urbanization is increasingly important. China has been conducting environmental research and development since the early 1970s, and now is capable of supplying most technologies needed for urban environmental protection. To keep pace with the rapid urbanization process in China, environmental research and technology development should be strengthened. This is mostly dependent on domestic resources with introduction of advanced yet cost-effective technologies from the rest of the world. With a survey of current urban environmental R & D in China and on-going activities of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), recommendations on future UCL(University College London)-CAS collaboration in the domain of urban environment are made.

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