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Received September 01, 1999,Revised October 20, 1999, Accepted , Available online

Volume 12,2000,Pages 385-393

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Several factors, namely, coal-dominated primary energy mix, extensive economic development mode, inefficient energy utilization, end the imperfect environmental regulations, result in the serious urban sulfur dioxide pollution end large-scale sulfatetype acid precipitation in China. In 1995, China's sulfur dioxide emissions reached 23.70 Mt, and the areas affected by acid rain accounted for 40% of the territory. Chinese government accords considerable importance to the sulfur dioxide end acid rain contamination. New sets of environmental friendly policies have been promulgated. But enforcement of laws and regulations on SO2 emissions need to be further improved and broadened, especially those respond to market conditions. This paper focuses particular attention on the analysis of strategy, policies, and national actions which had or should be taken against sulfur dioxide emissions nationwide to achieve the environmental targets, on the basis of which gives the technical options in future.

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