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Received August 09, 2001,Revised November 02, 2001, Accepted , Available online

Volume 14,2002,Pages 524-529

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The biodegradation of two acetanilide herbicides,acetochlor and butachlor in soil after other environmental organicmatters addition were measured during 35 days laboratoryincubations. The herbicides were applied to soil alone, soil-SDBS(sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate) mixtures and soil-HA (humic acid)mixtures. Herbicide biodegradation kinetics were compared in thedifferent treatment. Biodegradation products of herbicides in soilalone samples were identified by GC/MS at the end of incubation.Addition of SDBS and HA to soil decreased acetochlorbiodegradation, but increased butachlor biodegradation. Thebiodegradation half-life of acetochlor and butachlor in soil alone,soil-SDBS mixtures and soil-HA mixtures were 4.6d, 6.1d, 5.4d, and5.3d, 4.9d, and 5.3d respectively. The biodegradation products werehydroxyacetochlor and 2-methyl-6-ethylaniline for acetochlor, andhydroxybutachlor and 2,6-diethylaniline for butachlor.

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