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Received May 15, 2003,Revised June 24, 2003, Accepted , Available online

Volume 16,2004,Pages 454-457

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The genetic composition of Poa annua L. populations with a series of traffic pollution was studied by starch electrophoresis. Five enzyme systems were stained. The results showed that: (1) Traffic pollution can dramatically change genotypic frequencies at some loci of P. annua populations. Significant deviations from Hardy Weinberg equilibrium were observed on loci Fe-1 and Me due to the excess of heterozygotes in some populations. (2) The effective number of alleles per locus and the observed and expected heterozygosity were higher in the pollution series than in the clear control site(Botanic Park population), but the increase was not related with the pollution extent. (3) Most genetic variation was found within populations, and only 6 21% was among populations of the polluted series. Slightly higher differentiation( F-ST =7 98%) was observed when the control population was included. (4) The calculated gene flow(Nm) is 2 8841 per generation. The mean of genetic identity is 0 9864 and the genetic distance average to 0 0138

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