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Received May 28, 2003,Revised July 10, 2003, Accepted , Available online

Volume 16,2004,Pages 564-569

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Nonylphenol(NP), nonylphenoxy acetic acid(NP1EC), nonylphenol monoethoxy acetic acid(NP2EC), nonylphenol monoethoxylate(NP1EO) and nonylphenol diethoxylate(NP2EO) are biodegradation end products(BEPs) of nonionic surfactant nonylphenolpolyethoxylates (NPnEO). In this research, sorption of these compounds onto model activated sludge was characterized. Sorption equilibrium experiments showed that NP, NP1EO and NP2EO reached equilibrium in about 12 h, while equilibrium of NP1EC and NP2EC were reached earlier, in about 4 h. In sorption isotherm experiments, obtained equilibrium data at 28℃ fitted well to Freundlich sorption model for all investigated compounds. For NP1EC, in addition to Freundlich, equilibrium data also fitted well to Langmuir model. Linear sorption model was also tried, and equilibrium data of all NP, NP1EO, NP2EO and NP2EC except NP1EC fitted well to this model. Calculated Freundlich coefficient(KF) and linear sorption coefficient(K D) showed that sorption capacity of the investigated compounds were in order NP>NP2EO>NP1EO>NP1EC≈NP2EC. For NP, NP1EO and NP2EO, high values of calculated KF and KD indicated an easy uptake of these compounds from aqueous phase onto activated sludge. Whereas, NP1EC and NP2EC with low values of KF and KD absorbed weakly to activated sludge and tended to preferably remain in aqueous phase.

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