Achieving and maintaining biological nitrogen removal via nitrite under normal conditions

CUI You-wei , PENG Yong-zhen , GAN Xiang-qing , YE Liu , WANG Ya-yi


Received ,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 794-797

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The principal aim of this paper is to develop an approach to realize stable biological nitrogen removal via nitrite under normal conditions. Validation of the new method was established on laboratory-scale experiments applying the sequencing batch reactor(SBR)activated sludge process to domestic wastewater with low C/N ratio. The addition of sodium chloride(NaCl) to influent was established to achieve nitrite build-up. The high nitrite accumulation, depending on the salinity in influent and the application duration of salt, was obtained in SBRs treating saline wastewater. The maintenance results indicated that the real-time SBRs can maintain stable nitrite accumulation, but conversion from shorter nitrification-denitrification to full nitrification-denitrification was observed after some operation cycles in the other SBR with fixed-time control. The presented method is valuable to offer a solution to realize and to maintain nitrogen removal via nitrite under normal conditions.

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