Reactions between the SO4.-radical and some common anions in atmospheric aqueous droplets

OUYANG Bin , FANG Hao-jie , ZHU Cheng-zhu , DONG Wen-bo , HOU Hui-qi


Received December 12, 2004,Revised March 10, 2005, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 786-788

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The rate constants of reactions between the SO4(( radical and some common anions in atmospheric aqueous droplets e.g. Cl(, NO3(, HSO3( and HCO3( were determined using the laser flash photolysis technique. Absorption spectra of SO4(( and the product radicals were also reported. The chloride ion was evaluated among all the anions to be the most efficient scavenger of SO4((. The results may supply useful information for a better understanding of the vigorous radical-initiated reactions in atmospheric aqueous droplets such as clouds, rains or fogs.

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