Synergistic removal of nitrogen monoxide using non-thermal plasma and catalyst simultaneously

YU Gang , YU Qi , ZENG Ke-si , ZHAI Xiao-dong


Received December 02, 2004,Revised January 24, 2005, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 846-848

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An experimental system of De-NO with plasma-catalyst(Cu zeolite) was established to investigate the differences between De-NO with plasma-catalyst and De-NO only with plasma, to provide the instruction for selecting appropriate catalyst and operating condition. The characteristics of De-NO with plasma and De-NO with plasma-catalyst were investigated comparatively by experiments. The experimental results show that De-NO with plasma-catalyst has high NO removal rate; Cu zeolite is an effective catalyst which can promote the NO removal rate in plasma remarkably; De-NO with plasma-catalyst should be operated at low temperature and the temperature has opposite effects on the function of catalyst and plasma; water vapor and O2 can increase the NO removal rate.

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