No difference in activity of Sod-1 genotypes of Poa annua to short-term treatment of ambient gaseous organic pollution

CAI Yue-wei , CHEN Xiao-yong


Received September 29, 2004,Revised January 31, 2005, Accepted , Available online

Volume 17,2005,Pages 866-868

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Our previous studies indicated that genotypes at locus Sod-1 of Poa annua changed clinally along a gradient of gaseous organic pollution.In the present study,we aimed to know whether there were differential responses of activities of different superoxide dismutase(SOD) genotypes to short-term treatment of ambient gaseous organic pollution.Significant bias from Hardy-Weinberg equibrum was observed on locus Sod-1,and no genotype Sod-1-BB was found.Significantly increased activities were observed in most treatments for genotype Sod-1-AA and in one treatment for genotype Sod-1-AB.However,no significant difference in SOD activities was found between the two genotypes.It was interpreted that fitness difference between the two genotypes was samll and treatment duration was too short or extent of ambient organic pollution was too low to lead to differential responses.Other environmental factor effects on activities of superoxide dismutases can also explain the results.

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