Aquatic environment

Hydrodynamic characteristics of a four-compartment periodic anaerobicba ed reactor

LIU Xiao-lei , REN Nan-qi , WAN Chun-li


Received December 06, 2006,Revised February 09, 2007, Accepted , Available online

Volume 19,2007,Pages 1159-1165

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Periodic anaerobic ba ed reactor (PABR) is a novel reactor based on the design concept of anaerobic ba ed reactor (ABR). Residence time distribution (RTD) studies on both clean and working reactors at the same hydraulic residence time (HRT) of 2 d were carried out to investigate the dead spaces and mixing patterns in PABRs at di erent organic loading rates (OLRs) in various switching manners and frequencies. The results showed that the fraction of dead space in PABR was similar to that in ABR, which was low in comparison with other reactor designs. Dead space may be divided into two categories, hydraulic and biological. In RTD studies without biomass, the hydraulic dead space in the PABR run in an “every second” switching manner with T = 2 d was the lowest whereas that in the PABR run in a T = ∞ (ABR) switching manner was the highest. The same trend was obtained with the total dead space in RTD studies with biomass no matter what the OLR was. Biological dead space was the major contributor to dead space but a ected decreasingly at higher OLR whichever switching manner the PABR run in. The flow patterns within the PABRs were intermediate between plug-flow and perfectly mixed under all the conditions tested.

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