Aquatic environment

Chlorobenzenes in waterweeds from the Xijiang River (Guangdong section)of the Pearl River

DU Qing-ping , JIA Xiao-shan , HUANG Cai-na


Received December 04, 2006,Revised March 05, 2007, Accepted , Available online

Volume 19,2007,Pages 1171-1177

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The Xijiang River is the major source of water for about 4.5 millions of urban population and 28.7 millions of rural population. The water quality is very important for the health of the rural population. The concentration and distribution of chlorobenzenes (CBs) in both water and waterweeds collected from 4 stations in the Xijiang River (Gangdong section) of the Pearl River in April and November were determined. The result showed that nearly every congener of CBs was detected. The total contents of CBs (PCBs) in the river water ranged from 111.1 to 360.0 ng/L in April and from 151.9 to 481.7 ng/L in November, respectively. The pollution level of CBs in the water in April was higher than that in November. The contents of PCBs in waterweeds ranged from 13.53 102 g/g to 38.27 102 g/g dry weight (dw). There was no significant di erence between April and November in waterweeds. The distribution of CBs in roots, caulis, and leaves of Vallisneria spiralis L. showed di erent patterns. The leaves mainly contained low-molecular-weight CBs (DCBs), whereas the roots accumulated more PCBs and HCBs. The average lgBCFlip (bioconcentration factor) of CBs ranged from 0.64 to 3.57 in the waterweeds. The spatial distribution character of CBs in the Xijiang River was: Fengkai County < Yunan County < Yun’an County < Gaoyao County according to the PCBs, and the pollution deteriorated from the upstream to the downstream of the Xijiang River. Further analysis demonstrated that the discharge of waste containing CBs may be the main source of CBs pollution in the Xijiang River.

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