Aquatic environment

A laboratory scale study on arsenic(V) removal from aqueous mediumusing calcined bauxite ore

Debasish Mohapatra , Debaraj Mishra , Kyung Ho Park


Received August 22, 2007,Revised December 14, 2007, Accepted , Available online

Volume 20,2008,Pages 683-689

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The present work deals with the As(V) removal from an aqueous medium by calcined refractory grade bauxite (CRB) as a function of solution pH, time, As(V) concentration and temperature. The residual As(V) was lowered from 2 mg/L to below 0.01 mg/L in the optimum pH range 4.0–7.0 using a 5 g/L CRB within 3 h contact time. The adsorption data fits well with Langmuir isotherm and yielded Langmuir monolayer capacity of 1.78 mg As(V)/ g of CRB at pH 7.0. Presence of anions such as silicate and phosphate decreased As(V) adsorption e ciency. An increase temperature resulted a decrease in the amount of As(V) adsorbed by 6%. The continuous fixed bed column study showed that at the adsorbent bed depth of 30 cm and residence time of 168 min, the CRB was capable of treating 340 bed volumes of As(V) spiked water (C0 = 2 mg/L) before breakthrough (Ce = 0.01 mg/L). This solid adsorbent, although not reusable, can be considered for design of adsorption columns as an e ciency arsenic adsorption media.

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