Atmospheric environment

Mass transfer in the absorption of SO2 and NOx using aqueous euchlorinescrubbing solution

DESHWAL Bal-Raj , LEE Hyung-Keun


Received November 29, 2007,Revised April 01, 2008, Accepted , Available online

Volume 21,2009,Pages 155-161

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Attempts have been made to generate euchlorine gas by chlorate-chloride process and to utilize it further to clean up SO2 and NOx from the flue gas in a lab scale bubbling reactor. Preliminary experiments were carried out to determine the gas and liquid phase mass transfer coe cients and their correlation equations have been established. Simultaneous removal of SO2 and NOx from the simulated flue gas using aqueous euchlorine scrubbing solution has been investigated. Euchlorine oxidized NO into NO2 completely and the later subsequently absorbed into the scrubbing solution in the form of nitrate. SO2 removal e ciency around 100% and NOx removal e ciency around 72% were achieved under optimal conditions. Mass balance has been confirmed by analyzing the sulfate, nitrate, euchlorine and chloride ion using ion chromatograph/auto-titrator and comparing it with their corresponding calculated values.

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