Terrestrial environment

Biodegradability of soil water soluble organic carbon extractedfrom seven di erent soils

SCAGLIA Barbara , ADANI Fabrizio


Received June 13, 2008,Revised September 28, 2008, Accepted , Available online

Volume 21,2009,Pages 641-646

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Water soluble organic carbon (WSOC) is considered the most mobile and reactive soil carbon source and its characterization is an important issue for soil ecology study. A biodegradability test was set up to study WSOC extracted from 7 soils di erently managed. WSOC was extracted from soil with water (soil/water ratio of 1:2, W/V) for 30 min, and then tested for biodegradability by a liquid state respirometric test. Result obtained confirmed the finding that WSOC biodegradability depended on the both land use and management practice. These results suggested the biodegradability test as suitable method to characterize WSOC, and provided useful information to soil fertility.

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