Environmental analytical methods

An improved ion-exchange/di usion method for 15N isotope tracing analysis ofnitrate in surface waters from watersheds

Weiqi Chen , Weicai Chen , Huanhuan Rao , Luoping Zhang , Huasheng Hong


Received July 30, 2009,Revised October 19, 2009, Accepted , Available online

Volume 22,2010,Pages 784-788

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An improved method, suitable for collecting nitrate from surface waters in the watershed for 15N isotope tracing analysis, was developed on the basis of the anion exchange coupled with di usion through systematic simulation and comparison experiments. The results showed that the nitrate could be separated and enriched from the waters e ciently by using the improved method. Being simple and practical in operation principle and procedures, cost-economic, and highly e cient in nitrate separation/enrichment, the method met the requirements of 15N mass spectrum analysis and would lay a foundation for the application of 15N isotope tracing approach to the research on non-point source pollution in watershed.

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