Environmental analytical methods

Real-time fluorescent quantitative immuno-PCR method for determination offluoranthene in water samples with a molecular beacon

Qiyan Ye , Huisheng Zhuang , Chun Zhou , Qiong’e Wang


Received June 19, 2009,Revised August 06, 2009, Accepted , Available online

Volume 22,2010,Pages 796-800

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A reliable and sensitive competitive real-time fluorescent quantitative immuno-PCR (RTFQ-IPCR) assay using a molecular beacon was developed for the determination of trace fluoranthene (FL) in the environment. Under optimized assay conditions, FL can be determined in the concentration range from 1 fg/mL to 100 ng/mL, with y = 0.194x + 7.859, and a correlation coe cient of 0.967 was identified, with a detection limit of 0.6 fg/mL. Environmental water samples were successfully analyzed, recovery was between 90% and 116%, with intra-day relative standard deviation (RSD) of 6.7%–12.8% and inter-day RSD of 8.4%–15.2%. The results obtained from RTFQ-IPCR were confirmed by ELISA, showing good accuracy and suitability to analyze FL in field samples. As a highly sensitive method, the molecular beacon-based RTFQ-IPCR is acceptable and promising for providing reliable test results to make environmental decisions.

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