Special Issue for the 13th IWA International Specialist Conference

Parameter determination to calculate water environmental capacity inZhangweinan Canal Sub-basin in China

Yingxia Li , Ruzhi Qiu , Zhifeng Yang , Chunhui Li , Jingshan Yu


Received October 02, 2009,Revised January 09, 2010, Accepted , Available online

Volume 22,2010,Pages 904-907

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Zhangweinan canal sub-basin (ZWN) has the most serious water resource shortage and water pollution problems in north of China. To calculate the water environmental capacity in ZWN, determination methods for design flow rates and degradation coe cients were discussed in this study. Results showed that 90% and 50% hydrological guarantee flow rates were suitable to be the design flow rates for rainy and dry seasons, respectively. Degradation coe cients of CODMn and NH3-N were 0.25 day??1 and 0.15 day??1 for branch streams and 0.5 day??1 and 0.25 day??1 for mainstreams, respectively in ZWN. With one-dimensional water quality simulation model, water environmental capacities were calculated to be 82,139 tons/yr for CODMn and 2394 tons/yr for NH3-N in ZWN.

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