Special Issue for the 13th IWA International Specialist Conference

Salinity intrusion characteristics analysis using EFDC model in thedownstream of Geum River

Sangman Jeong , Kyusung Yeon , Youngteck Hur , Kukryul Oh


Received September 15, 2009,Revised January 06, 2010, Accepted , Available online

Volume 22,2010,Pages 934-939

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As social interest in the environmental conservation and ecological restoration has recently increased, more research works have been done to resolve problems concerning environmental management of estuaries. In this study, a three-dimensional numerical model, Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC) was used in the analysis of the salinity intrusion characteristics in the downstream of Geum River. The numerical simulation was performed to investigate the influence range for salinity intrusion when the gates were fully opened. The conditions used for simulation were the four flow regimes in Geum River Basin, Korea. Results indicated that the ranges of salinity intrusion from the barrage were 50.72 km (drought flow), 48.87 km (low flow), 46.56 km (normal flow) and 42.10 km (flood flow). These results indicated that the EFDC model used for numerical simulation has high accuracy. The result concluded in this study can be used as a basis in understanding the extent of salinity intrusion e ects at di erent flow rates.

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