Environmental health and toxicology

Resistance and biosorption mechanism of silver ions by Bacillus cereus biomass

Li Li , Qing Hu , Jinghai Zeng , Hongyan Qi , Guoqiang Zhuang


Received January 13, 2010,Revised April 02, 2010, Accepted , Available online

Volume 23,2011,Pages 108-111

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Biosorption of silver ions onto Bacillus cereus biomass was investigated. Overall kinetic experiments were performed for the determination of the necessary contact time for the attainment of equilibrium. It was found that the overall biosorption process was best described by pseudo second-order kinetic model. The crystals detected by scanning electron microscope and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy suggested the precipitation was a possible mechanism of biosorption. The molecular genetics of silver resistance of B. cereus biomass was also detected and illustrated by a whole cell sensor tool.

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