Aquatic environment

Effects of overlying water aeration on phosphorus fractions and alkalinephosphatase activity in surface sediment

Jianjun Chen , Shaoyong Lu , Yikun Zhao , Wei Wang , Minsheng Huang


Received April 15, 2010,Revised July 13, 2010, Accepted , Available online

Volume 23,2011,Pages 206-211

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Microbial activity may influence phosphorus (P) deposit and release at the water sediment interface. The properties of DO (dissolved oxygen), pH, P fractions (TP, Ca-P, Fe-P, OP, IP), and APA (alkaline phosphatase activity) at the water sediment interface were measured to investigate microbial activity variations in surface sediment under conditions of two-month intermittent aeration in overlying water. Results showed that DO and TP of overlying water increased rapidly in the first week and then decreased gradually after 15 day of intermittent aeration. Microorganism metabolism in surface sediment increased pH and decreased DO and TP in the overlying water. After two-month intermittent aeration, APA and OP from surface sediment (0–2 cm) were both significantly higher than those from bottom sediment (6–8 cm) (p < 0.05), and surface sediment Fe-P was transferred to OP during the course of microorganism reproduction on the surface sediment. These results suggest that microbial activity and microorganism biomass from the surface sediment were higher than those from bottom sediment after two-month intermittent aeration in the overlying water.

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