Atmospheric environment

Ozone sensitivity analysis with the MM5-CMAQ modeling system for Shanghai

Li Li , Changhong Chen , Cheng Huang , Haiying Huang , Gangfeng Zhang , Yangjun Wang , Minghua Chen , Hongli Wang , Yiran Chen , D. G. Streets , Jiamo Fu


Received August 15, 2010,Revised April 25, 2011, Accepted , Available online

Volume 23,2011,Pages 1150-1157

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Ozone has become one of the most important air pollution issues around the world. This article applied both O3/(NOy-NOx) and H2O2/HNO3 indicators to analyze the ozone sensitivity in urban and rural areas of Shanghai, with implementation of the MM5-CMAQ modeling system in July, 2007. The meteorological parameters were obtained by using the MM5 model. A regional emission inventory with spatial and temporal allocation based on the statistical data has been developed to provide input emission data to the MM5-CMAQ modeling system. Results showed that the ozone concentrations in Shanghai show clear regional differences. The ozone concentration in rural areas was much higher than that in the urban area. Two indicators showed that ozone was more sensitive to VOCs in urban areas, while it tended to be NOx sensitive in rural areas of Shanghai.

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