Special Section on the 18th International Conference on Environmental Indicators

Electromagnetic irradiation exposure and its bioindication – An overview

Osmo H¨anninen , , Paavo Huttunen , Reijo Ekman


Received December 21, 2010,Revised April 16, 2011, Accepted , Available online

Volume 23,2011,Pages 1409-1414

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Man made electromagnetic irradiation and fields cover now the globe due to the recent extensive propagation of mobile telephony. The increased load affects animals and also plants. Especially birds have been studied. Humans are also sensitive. They are good bioindicators as epidemiological methods are available. Humans can also report symptoms which cannot be directly measured with presently available technologies. The nonionizing irradiation can as the ionizing one break the DNA, damage proteins, even increase the blood brain barrier permeability, disturb the night rest, cause fatigue and hormonal disturbances. An increase of the tumours of human head has been described in correlation with the long term mobile phone use and on that side more exposed. The regulations covering mobile telephony are already about two decades old and need re-evaluation. The multitude of irradiation and the interaction of the different wavelength exposures, i.e., frequency sensitivity is poorly known at present. We should not forget the comparative studies of different species especially those which rely in their lives on electromagnetic orientation physiology. Some countries have issued warnings on the exposures of children. The producers of mobile technology have recently warned the users not to keep those devices in active stage in skin contact.

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