Environmental catalysis and materials

Enhanced photocatalytic activity of fish scale loaded TiO2 composites under solar light irradiation

Li-Ngee Ho , Soon-An Ong , Hakimah Osman , Fong-Mun Chong


Received July 12, 2011,Revised October 23, 2011, Accepted , Available online June 01, 2012

Volume 24,2012,Pages 1142-1148

Fish scale (FS) loaded TiO2 composites were investigated as photocatalysts in degradation of Methyl Orange under solar light irradiation. Composites were prepared through sol-gel method by varying mass ratio of TiO2/FS at 90:10, 70:30 and 50:50, respectively. The catalysts prepared in this study were characterized by using XRD, SEM, FT-IR and nitrogen sorption. The effects of solar irradiation, mass ratio of TiO2/FS composites, irradiation time and catalyst loadings were studied. Synergistic effect was found in TiO2/FS of 90:10 composite which performed higher photocatalytic degradation than synthesized TiO2 under solar light irradiation. However, further increasing fish scale content in the composites reduced the photocatalytic activity drastically. Under solar light irradiation, all the catalysts in this study exhibited photocatalytic activity, except TiO2/FS of 50:50 composite that only acted as a weak biosorbent without performing any photocatalytic property. Photocatalytic degradation increased with increasing catalyst loading and irradiation time but decreased with increased of initial dye concentration.

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