Acute toxicity evaluation for quinolone antibiotics and their chlorination disinfection processes

Min Li , Dongbin Wei , Yuguo Du


Received November 07, 2013,Revised February 24, 2014, Accepted , Available online September 10, 2014

Volume 26,2014,Pages 1837-1842

Acute toxicity of 21 quinolone antibiotics was monitored using photobacterium Vibrio fischeri assay. The minimum IC20 (inhibitory concentration for 20% luminescence elimination) was obtained at the least 18.86 μmol/L for the tested quinolones. A quantitative structure-activity relationship model was established to investigate the possible mechanism for the acute toxicity. The critical physicochemical descriptors, describing σ and π atom electronegativity, implied that the electron transfer might occur between the quinolones and photobacterium V. fischeri. Although the quinolones exhibited limited acute toxicity to photobacterium, toxicity elevation was detected after their chlorination. Hence, chlorination disinfection treatment of quinolone-containing water should be of concerns.

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