Arsenic fractionation and contamination assessment in sediments of thirteen lakes from the East Plain and Yungui Plateau Ecoregions, China

Fengyu Zan , Shouliang Huo , Jingtian Zhang , Li Zhang , Beidou Xi , Lieyu Zhang


Received November 20, 2013,Revised January 10, 2014, Accepted , Available online October 22, 2014

Volume 26,2014,Pages 1977-1984

Arsenic (As) fractions in the sediments of seven lakes from East Plain Ecoregion and six lakes from Yungui Plateau Ecoregion, China, were investigated. Results indicated that the total As concentrations in sediment samples of lakes of the East Plain Lake Ecoregion are higher than those of Yungui Plateau Lake Ecoregion. Residual As is the main fraction in sediment samples of lakes from both ecoregions, followed by reducible As and soluble or oxidizable As. The total As is correlated to oxidizable As and residual As in sediment samples from both lake ecoregions. As distribution in sediment samples of lakes of the East Plain Ecoregion appears to be affected by human activity, while the As origin mainly comes from natural sources in sediment samples of lakes in the Yungui Plateau Ecoregion. The potential ecological risk index and geoaccumulation index values suggest "low to moderate" risk degree and "unpolluted to moderately polluted" for As in the studied lake sediments.

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