Pretreatment of cyanided tailings by catalytic ozonation with Mn2+/O3

Yulong Li , Dengxin Li , Jiebing Li , Jin wang , Asif Hussain , Hao Ji , Yijie Zhai


Received March 15, 2014,Revised May 11, 2014, Accepted , Available online February 10, 2015

Volume 27,2015,Pages 14-21

The increasing amount of cyanided tailings produced as a by-product has gained significant attention in recent years because of the rapid development of the gold industry and extensive exploitation of gold mineral resources. The effective use of these secondary resources is becoming an important and urgent problem for all environmental protection staff. Manganese-catalyzed ozonation for the pre-oxidation of cyanided tailings was studied and the effects of Mn2+ dosage, initial sulfuric acid concentration, ozone volume flow, temperature and agitation speed on pretreatment were examined. The optimum reaction conditions were observed to be: ore pulp density 2.5%, agitation speed 700 r/min, temperature 60 ℃, Mn2+ dosage 40 g/L, ozone volume flow 80 L/hr, initial sulfuric acid concentration 1 mol/L, and reaction time 6 hr. Under these conditions, the leaching rate of Fe and weight loss could reach 94.85% and 48.89% respectively. The leaching process of cyanided tailings by Mn2+/O3 was analyzed, and it was found that the leaching of pyrite depends on synergetic oxidation by high-valent manganese and O3, in which the former played an important part.

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