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Characterisation of dissolved organic matter in stormwater using high-performance size exclusion chromatography

Huiping Huang , Christopher W.K. Chow , Bo Jin


Received May 14, 2015,Revised July 15, 2015, Accepted July 16, 2015, Available online August 17, 2015

Volume 28,2016,Pages 236-245

Understanding the complexity of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in stormwater has drawn a lot of interest, since DOM from stormwater causes not only environmental impacts, but also worsens downstream aquatic quality associated with water supply and treatability. This study introduced and employed high-performance size exclusion chromatography (HPSEC) coupled with an ultraviolet–visible (UV–vis) diode array detector to assess changes in stormwater-associated DOM characteristics. Stormwater DOM was also analysed in relation to storm event characteristics, water quality and spectroscopic analysis. Statistical tools were used to determine the correlations within DOM and water quality measurements. Results showed that dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and UV absorbance at 254 nm (UV254) as conventional DOM parameters were found to be correlated well to the changes in stormwater quality during each of the three storm events studied. Both detector wavelengths (210 and 254 nm) and their ratio (A210/A254) were found to provide additional information on the physiochemical properties of stormwater-associated DOM. This study indicated that A210/A254 is an important parameter which could be used to estimate the DOM proportions of functional groups and conjugated carbon species. This study provided also an understanding of stormwater quality constituents through assessing variability and sensitivity for various parameters, and the additional information of rainfall characteristics on runoff quality data for a better understanding of parameter correlations and influences.

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