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Emissions from the combustion of eucalypt and pine chips in a fluidized bed reactor

E.D. Vicente , L.A.C. Tarelho , E.R. Teixeira , M. Duarte , T. Nunes , C. Colombi , V. Gianelle , G.O. da Rocha , A. Sanchez de la Campa , C.A. Alves


Received May 16, 2015,Revised July 18, 2015, Accepted July 20, 2015, Available online October 01, 2015

Volume 28,2016,Pages 246-258

Interest in renewable energy sources has increased in recent years due to environmental concerns about global warming and air pollution, reduced costs and improved efficiency of technologies. Under the European Union (EU) energy directive, biomass is a suitable renewable source. The aim of this study was to experimentally quantify and characterize the emission of particulate matter (PM2.5) resulting from the combustion of two biomass fuels (chipped residual biomass from pine and eucalypt), in a pilot-scale bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) combustor under distinct operating conditions. The variables evaluated were the stoichiometry and, in the case of eucalypt, the leaching of the fuel. The CO and PM2.5 emission factors were lower when the stoichiometry used in the experiments was higher (0.33 ± 0.1 g CO/kg and 16.8 ± 1.0 mg PM2.5/kg, dry gases). The treatment of the fuel by leaching before its combustion has shown to promote higher PM2.5 emissions (55.2 ± 2.5 mg/kg, as burned). Organic and elemental carbon represented 3.1 to 30 wt.% of the particle mass, while carbonate (CO32 −) accounted for between 2.3 and 8.5 wt.%. The particulate mass was mainly composed of inorganic matter (71% to 86% of the PM2.5 mass). Compared to residential stoves, BFB combustion generated very high mass fractions of inorganic elements. Chloride was the water soluble ion in higher concentration in the PM2.5 emitted by the combustion of eucalypt, while calcium was the dominant water soluble ion in the case of pine.

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