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Positively charged microporous ceramic membrane for the removal of Titan Yellow through electrostatic adsorption

Xiuting Cheng , Na Li , Mengfu Zhu , Lili Zhang , Yu Deng , Cheng Deng


Received July 16, 2015,Revised November 09, 2015, Accepted November 11, 2015, Available online January 15, 2016

Volume 28,2016,Pages 204-212

To develop a depth filter based on the electrostatic adsorption principle, positively charged microporous ceramic membrane was prepared from a diatomaceous earth ceramic membrane. The internal surface of the highly porous ceramic membrane was coated with uniformly distributed electropositive nano-Y2O3 coating. The dye removal performance was evaluated through pressurized filtration tests using Titan Yellow aqueous solution. It showed that positively charged microporous ceramic membrane exhibited a flow rate of 421 L/(m2·hr) under the trans-membrane pressure of 0.03 bar. Moreover it could effectively remove Titan Yellow with feed concentration of 10 mg/L between pH 3 to 8. The removal rate increased with the enhancement of the surface charge properties with a maximum rejection of 99.6%. This study provides a new and feasible method of removing organic dyes in wastewater. It is convinced that there will be a broad market for the application of charged ceramic membrane in the field of dye removal or recovery from industry wastewater.

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