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Kinetic and products study of the gas-phase reaction of Lewisite with ozone under atmospheric conditions

Haitao Wang , Yuanpeng Zhang , Xiaodi Guo , Yusheng Shao , Runli Gao , Dejian Liang , Hao Sun


Received March 03, 2015,Revised December 24, 2015, Accepted January 07, 2016, Available online January 29, 2016

Volume 28,2016,Pages 3-9

The rate constant for the gas-phase reaction of O3 and Lewisite was studied in air using the smog chamber technique. The experiments were carried out under pseudo-first-order reaction conditions with [O3] ? [Lewisite]. The observed rate constant of O3 with Lewisite was (7.83 ± 0.38) × 10− 19 cm3 / (molecule·sec) at 298 ± 2 K. Lewisite was discussed in terms of reactivity with O3 and its relationship with the ionization potential. Our results show that the rate constant for the gas-phase reaction of O3 with Lewisite is in line with the trend of the rate constants of O3 with haloalkenes.

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