In-situ generation of gold nanoparticles on MnO2 nanosheets for the enhanced oxidative degradation of basic dye (methylene blue)

Xueqin Bao , Zhen Qin , Tianshu Zhou , Jingjing Deng


Received October 21, 2016,Revised , Accepted March 03, 2017, Available online March 11, 2017

Volume 30,2018,Pages 236-245

In this work, the gold nanoparticles (Au-NPs) were in-situ generated on the surface of MnO2 nanosheets to form MnO2/Au-NPs nanocomposite in a simple and cost-effective way. Multiple experiments were carried out to optimize the oxidation of basic dye (Methylene Blue (MB)),including the molar ratio of MnO2 to chloroauric acid (HAuCl4), the pH of the solution and the effect of initialmaterial. Under the optimal condition, the highest degradation efficiency for MB achieved to 98.9% within 60 min, which was obviously better than commercial MnO2 powders (4.3%) andMnO2 nanosheets (74.2%). The enhanced oxidative degradationmight attribute to the in-situ generation of ultra-small and highly-dispersed Au-NPs which enlarged the synergistic effect and/or interfacial effect betweenMnO2 nanosheets and Au-NPs and facilitated the uptake of electrons by MnO2 from MB during the oxidation, thus validating the application of MnO2/Au-NPs nanocomposite for direct removal of organic dyes from wastewater in a simple and convenient fashion.

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