Release characteristics of mercury in chemical looping combustion of bituminous coal

Hongmin Yang , Ling Ji , Qianwen Wang , Zhiyue Zhang , Hao Wu , Changsong Zhou


Received February 01, 2020,Revised , Accepted March 19, 2020, Available online May 07, 2020

Volume 32,2020,Pages 197-203

This study evaluated the release characteristics of mercury from bituminous coal in chemical looping combustion (CLC) using Australian iron ore as the oxygen carrier in a fixed bed reactor. The effects of several parameters, such as temperature in the fuel reactor (FR) and air reactor (AR), gasification medium in the FR, and reaction atmosphere in the AR, on mercury release characteristics, were investigated. The mercury speciation and release amount in the FR and AR under different conditions were further explored. The results indicate that most of the mercury in coal was released in the FR, while the rest of it was released in the AR. Hg0 was found to be the major species in the released mercury. The results also indicate that a higher temperature in the FR led to an increase in the total mercury release amount and a decrease in Hg0 proportion. However, a higher temperature in the AR resulted in a decrease in the total mercury release amount and Hg0 proportion. The increase in the H2O/CO2 ratio of gasification mediums in the FR was beneficial for the increase in the total mercury release amount and Hg0 proportion. A higher O2 concentration in reaction atmosphere in AR had a negligible effect on the total mercury release amount, but a positive effect on Hg0 oxidization.

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