Recent advances in ionic liquids-based hybrid processes for CO2 capture and utilization

Yutaka Kitamura , Shaohan Lian , Chunfeng Song , Qingling Liu , Erhong Duan , Hongwei Ren


Received March 02, 2020,Revised , Accepted June 28, 2020, Available online July 27, 2020

Volume 33,2021,Pages 281-295

CO2 capture and utilization (CCU) is an effective strategy to mitigate global warming. Absorption, adsorption and membranes are methods used for CO2 separation and capture, and various catalytic pathways have also been developed for CO2 utilization. Although widely researched and used in industry, these processes are energy-intensive and this challenge needs to be overcome. To realize further optimization, novel materials and processes are continuously being developed. New generation materials such as ionic liquids (ILs) have shown promising potential for cost-effective CO2 capture and utilization. This study reviews the current status of ILs-based solvents, adsorbents, membranes, catalysts and their hybrid processes for CO2 capture and utilization. The special properties of ILs are integrated into new materials through hybridization, which significantly improves the performance in the process of CCU.

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