Au nanoring arrays as surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrate for chemical component study of individual atmospheric aerosol particle

Hongbo Fu , Hanyun Cheng , Xu Dong , Yang Yang , Yiqing Feng , Tao Wang , Muhammad Ali Tahir , Liwu Zhang


Received April 29, 2020,Revised , Accepted July 04, 2020, Available online July 19, 2020

Volume 100,2021,Pages 11-17

Monolayer-ordered gold nanoring arrays were prepared by ion-sputtering method and used as surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrates to test the individual atmospheric aerosols particle. Compared to other methods used for testing atmospheric aerosols particles, the collection and subsequent detection in our work is performed directly on the gold nanoring SERS substrate without any treatment of the analyte. The SERS performance can be tuned by changing the depth of the gold nanoring cavity as originating from coupling of dipolar modes at the inner and outer surfaces of the nanorings. The electric field exhibits uniform enhancement and polarization in the ordered Au nanoring substrate, which can improve the accuracy for detecting atmospheric aerosol particles. Combined with Raman mapping, the information about chemical composition of individual atmospheric aerosols particle and distribution of specific components can be presented visually. The results show the potential of SERS in enabling improved analysis of aerosol particle chemical composition, mixing state, and other related physicochemical properties.

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