The concentration and probabilistic risk assessment of potentially toxic elements in fillets of silver pomfret (Pampus argenteus): A global systematic review and meta-analysis

Amin Mousavi Khaneghah , Mohammadreza Alipour , Mansour Sarafraz , Hossein Chavoshi , Abotaleb Bay , Amene Nematollahi , Mohsen Sadani , Yadolah Fakhri , Yasser Vasseghian


Received March 31, 2020,Revised , Accepted July 13, 2020, Available online July 28, 2020

Volume 100,2021,Pages 167-180

The contamination of fish type products such as silver pomfret fish fillets by potentially toxic elements (PTEs) has raised global health concerns. Related studies regarding the concentration of PTEs in fillets of silver pomfret fish were retrieved among some international databases such as Scopus, PubMed and Embase between 1 January 1983 and 10 March 2020. The pooled (mean) concentration of PTEs in fillets of silver pomfret fish was meta-analyzed with the aid of a random-effect model (REM). Also, the non-carcinogenic risk was estimated via calculating the 95th percentile of the total target hazard quotient (TTHQ). The meta-analysis of 21 articles (containing 25 studies or data reports) indicated that the ranking of PTEs in fillets of silver pomfret fish was Fe (11,414.81 µg/kg wet weight, ww) > Zn (6055.72 µg/kg ww) > Cr (1825.79 µg/kg ww) > Pb (1486.44 µg/kg ww) > Se (1053.47 µg/kg ww) > Cd (992.50 µg/kg ww) > Ni (745.23 µg/kg ww) > Cu (669.71 µg/kg ww) > total As (408.24 µg/kg ww) > Co (87.03 µg/kg ww) > methyl Hg (46.58 µg/kg ww). The rank order of health risk assessment by country based on the TTHQ for adult consumers was Malaysia (2.500) > Bangladesh (0.886) > Iran (0.144) > China (0.045) > Pakistan (0.020) > India (0.015), while the corresponding values for child consumers was Malaysia (11.790) > Bangladesh (4.146) > Iran (0.675) > China (0.206) > Pakistan (0.096) > India (0.077). The adult consumers in Malaysia and children in Malaysia and Bangladesh were at considerable non-carcinogenic risk. Therefore, following the recommended control plans in order to reduce the health risk associated with the ingestion of PTEs via consumption of silver pomfret fish fillets is crucial.

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