Concentration, sources and wet deposition of dissolved nitrogen and organic carbon in the Northern Indo-Gangetic Plain during monsoon

Prakriti Sharma Ghimire , Hemraj Bhattarai , Lekhendra Tripathee , Shichang Kang , Chhatra Mani Sharma , Pengfei Chen , Junming Guo


Received May 21, 2020,Revised , Accepted September 04, 2020, Available online September 28, 2020

Volume 102,2021,Pages 37-52

Precipitation represents an important phenomenon for carbon and nitrogen deposition. Here, the concentrations and fluxes of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) with their potential sources were analyzed in wet precipitation during summer monsoon from the Northern Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP), important but neglected area. The volume-weighted mean (VWM) concentration of DOC and TDN were 687.04 and 1210.23 µg/L, respectively. Similarly, the VWM concentration of major ions were in a sequence of NH4+ > Ca2+ > SO42- > Na+ > K+ > NO3 > Cl > Mg2+ > F > NO2, suggesting NH4+ and Ca2+ from agricultural activities and crustal dust played a vital role in precipitation chemistry. Moreover, the wet deposition flux of DOC and TDN were 9.95 and 17.06 kg/(ha⋅year), respectively. The wet deposition flux of inorganic nitrogen species such as NH4+-N and NO3-N were 14.31 and 0.47 kg/(ha⋅year), respectively, demonstrating the strong influence of emission sources and precipitation volume. Source attribution from different analysis suggested the influence of biomass burning on DOC and anthropogenic activities (agriculture, animal husbandry) on nitrogenous species. The air-mass back trajectory analysis indicated the influence of air masses originating from the Bay of Bengal, which possibly carried marine and anthropogenic pollutants along with the biomass burning emissions to the sampling site. This study bridges the data gap in the less studied part of the northern IGP region and provides new information for policy makers to deal with pollution control.

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