Selenium uptake and simultaneous catalysis of sulfite oxidation in ammonia-based desulfurization

Lidong Wang , Qiangwei Li , Yuguo Wang , Lei Xing , Tieyue Qi , Lin Zhang , Jie Liu , Shihan Zhang , Yongliang Ma


Received July 29, 2020,Revised , Accepted October 13, 2020, Available online November 16, 2020

Volume 33,2021,Pages 207-218

Accelerating the (NH4)2SO3 oxidation gives rise to the reclaiming of byproduct, while there are secondary environmental risks from reduction of the coexisted selenium species by sulfite. In this study, a bi-functional Co-SBA-15-SH, were synthesized through Co impregnation and sulfhydryl (-SH) decoration, which can simultaneously uptake Se and accelerate sulfite oxidation efficiently. Meanwhile, the adsorption kinetics and migration mechanism of Se species were revealed through characterization and density functional calculations, with maximum adsorption capacity of 223 mg/g. The inhibition of Se0 re-emission and poisonous effect of Se on sulfite oxidation was also investigated. Using the findings of this study, the ammonia desulfurization can be improved by enabling purification of the byproduct and lowering the toxicity of effluent by removing toxic pollutants.

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